We are passionate about ensuring our clients' involvement and understanding in every step of the discovery process.

When forensics issues arise, we understand the importance of having a trusted partner guiding you through each step of the process, from incident response to delivery and litigation. Our team of experts are prepared to handle your forensics & discovery needs, and care about keeping you informed. In addition, we offer straightforward, predictable price models to keep your budget on track.


Our Range of Services


digital forensics

We know how important the collection and preservation of evidence is to litigation, and. Edison-LTAS provides our clients with accurate forensic investigation, data analysis, defensible reports and expert witness testimony that reveals the truth about each case.

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Media Redaction

With increased body-worn camera deployments come increased reporting requirements. Struggling to keep up with reporting deadlines? Find out how Edison-LTAS can help your organization fulfill your information requests.

incident response

When incidents arise, our experienced team quickly responds with an expert set of services adapted to your unique situation. We provide the forensic evidence you need to react, as well as recommended proactive steps to prevent and protect from further incidents.



When facing litigation regarding digital investigations, you need a team you can trust to provide accurate documentation and analysis of your case. Our team utilizes over 25 years of experience assisting clients through the eDiscovery cycle, and we intimately understand its vital importance in litigation.


trial logistics

Through years of experience observing the unique challenges that litigation with forensic evidence demands, we have created an all-inclusive trial logistics service that provides the physical and digital space needed to prepare for trial -- leaving you free to focus on the bigger task at hand.


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